“Laura has this natural talent to diffuse my high-strung demeanor within the first five minutes of our sessions, even on the most stress-filled day.  She really hears what I’m saying and helps me uncover the source and triggers of my stress, so I can discover and take doable stress reducing steps. Her expertise in energy based healing is an added bonus.

Marianne – Chicago, IL

“As a massage therapist Laura is excellent.  I recently had an energy balancing massage that left me with a sense of focus which had been missing after a serious car accident eight months ago.

After my Stress Coaching sessions with Laura, I have an overall feeling of control.  I have tools to help me with my struggles in day to day life and a plan — a roadmap.  I learned to use energy-based techniques to achieve my goals and use my imagination to visualize how I want my life to be and to allow myself to use my subconscious to connect with infinite intelligence.

Laura always emphasizes “enjoy the journey” which has allowed me to relax in the short term and therefore in the long term.”

Susan – McHenry, IL

“I’ve known Laura for about 20 years. She has help guide me through many stressful times in my life. Including my wedding, four pregnancies and starting up a new business….just to name a few. Her calm voice and reassuring nature helps me get back to center EVERY TIME!!!! I am thankful to have her as a coach.”

Jennifer – Woodstock, IL  


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