Stress Management Classes

Over the past 25 years Laura has assisted her massage therapy clients in resolving stress related issues. This experience inspired the Back to Balance education program that:

  • Teaches participants tools and techniques to reduce and eliminate their stress
  • Shows participants how to manage their response to stress
  • Helps participants easily incorporate stress management techniques and healthy habits into their lifestyle


Classes Include:
Got Stress?

De-stress your life now by identifying stress symptoms you may be experiencing and pinpointing the source of your stress.  Brainstorm action steps you can take immediately to reduce, manage or eliminate your main source of stress.  Learn a one minute stress relieving technique that can be done anywhere & anytime. Leave this interactive workshop with a sense of hope, peace, and calm. No prior experience is necessary to attend this class.  Prerequisite: none
What’s Draining Your Energy?
Implement a simple five step system to reduce the number of stressors that are draining your energy on a daily basis including those inner voices that sabotage your efforts to improve your life, complete projects, and tackle areas where procrastination may be an issue.  No experience is necessary to attend this class. Prerequisite:  none
Meditation for Inner Peace

Learn meditation techniques that can be done in five minutes or less.  This basic meditation workshop is designed to give participants an understanding of the benefits of meditation, general guidelines for a successful practice, and an introduction to a variety of meditation techniques.  No experience is necessary to attend this class. Prerequisite: none

Relaxation & Protection from External Stress

Learn traditional relaxation techniques as well as new, innovative energetic techniques to help ease the effects of stress and protect you from external stress such as the negativity of other people, environments and situations.  No experience is necessary to attend this class. Prerequisite: none

Change Your Response to Stress, Change Your Life

A great deal of our stress is self induced due to our thoughts and perceptions of the challenges we face.  Discover how to improve the quality of your thoughts and view challenges from a positive, proactive perspective through positive thinking, affirmation, and visualization.  No experience is necessary to attend this class. Prerequisite: none

Immunity from the Effects of Stress with Healthy Habits

Learn simple lifestyle habits to immunize yourself from the effects of stress. Strengthen and protect yourself physically, emotionally and energetically using nutrition, movement, breathing, sleep, hydration, your thoughts and innovative energetic techniques. No experience necessary to attend this workshop. Prerequisite: none

All classes are 1  1/2  hours in length with 1/2 hour question and answer session afterward.

Participants will take home a folder of supportive information as it pertains to the class as well as exclusive discounts that are offered only to attendees of these educational classes.

For information on class dates and locations, contact Laura at 815/344-6099.

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