Massage Therapy

Serving McHenry County and Northern Illinois


How would it feel if the deep, relaxed state of your massage lingered into the rest of your day?  Week?  Even longer?

Experience this unique blend of massage and energy balancing techniques that de-stress the body and induce deep states of relaxation and peace of mind that can carry over to daily living.

During this energy-based therapeutic massage, the soft tissues of the body (muscle and fascia) surrender and release, creating space within the body which allows the blood and life force energy to flow like a river nourishing the muscles and organs of the body.

By combining Swedish massage, deep tissue and myofascical techniques, Energy Balancing Techniques, and therapeutic essential oils, you will experience:

  • Sore, tight muscles releasing
  • Circulation increasing throughout your entire body
  • Soothing away of aches and pains
  • Reduction of the effects of stress
  • Energy systems of the body returning to balance

Herbal heat packs are generally used during each session to help relax tight muscles in the back and neck.  There is no additional charge for heat packs or aromatherapy.

We offer 30, 60 and 90 minute sessions for you and popular package deals too.  Buy online, it’s secure, quick and easy!  You will be jumped to our booking instructions page once payment is made.

1/2 Hour Massage – $40
One Hour Massage  – $70
90 Minute Massage – $95


3 – One Hour Massages – $195
10 – One Hour Massages – $650

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